Social Enterprise

Columbia Ability Alliance is proud to be a change leader in the Tri-Cities community.

So, What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business entity that operates with the primary goal of addressing social or environmental issues while also generating revenue. Unlike traditional for-profit companies, social enterprises prioritize making a positive impact on society or the environment over maximizing profits for shareholders. Social enterprises often adopt innovative and sustainable business models to achieve both their social or environmental mission and financial sustainability. The revenue generated by social enterprises is typically reinvested into the organization to further its social objectives. The dual focus on social impact and financial viability sets social enterprises apart from conventional businesses.

We Are a Change Leader

Columbia Ability Alliance is proud to be a change leader in the Tri-Cities community. As a social enterprise, we generate critical mission support through the operation of successful commercial businesses. CI Information Management, Paradise Bottled Water, and Round Table Pizza are separate LLCs that are owned and operated by Columbia Ability Alliance. We are proud to offer a diverse array of superior services and products for our community, and believe that our unique structure and overarching mission provides added value to each of our business lines. Doing business with our commercial operations is a win-win for all; our community can directly support small, locally owned businesses, and at the same time, give back to critical programs that support individuals in need, right here in the Tri-Cities.  

As a 501(c)(3), Columbia Ability Alliance must have a diversified revenue stream, and continues to rely on grants and charitable donations from community supporters. 

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