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Explore our diverse range of services designed to help empower individuals on their journeys to personal success.

Employment Services

Employment support for individuals with unique abilities and barriers.

At Columbia Ability Alliance, we believe in the transformative power of meaningful employment. If you are seeking employment assistance, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff are experts in assisting individuals with gaining employment, assessing their challenges, and identifying how to best promote their wide range of skills to employers.

Opportunity Kitchen

Equipping students with employment barriers with vocational food service training skills.

Embark on a transformative journey with Columbia Ability Alliance’s Opportunity Kitchen, a 12-week vocational food training program crafted to propel you towards success in food service, catering, and hospitality. We prioritize both professional and life skills development to ensure a well-rounded curriculum for our students.

Community Center

Our day program for adults with unique abilities and life barriers.
Welcome to the Columbia Ability Alliance Community Center, a vibrant space where we empower individuals with unique abilities and life barriers to express themselves through a variety of recreational activities. We focus on creating meaningful experiences through specialized, interactive programming that encourages creativity, self-expression, and community integration.

Empowerment Place

Connecting you with the support services you need via our resource center.

Visit Empowerment Place to get connected with a variety of critical support services. We can assist in various ways by either directly providing services or connecting you with specific resources through our vast connections with community agencies.

Janitorial Services

Creating employment opportunities through various contracts with government agencies.

At Columbia Ability Alliance, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone to thrive. Through our Federal Building and Solutions divisions, we deliver superior service and products while providing avenues for employment for individuals with unique abilities and barriers.


Solutions is more than a production facility—it’s an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to achieve their unique goals and gain personal independence.

At Columbia Ability Alliance, we believe in personalized success. Individuals employed with our Solutions department work on contract fulfillment projects, providing them the opportunity to hone technical skills while earning a paycheck. 

Employer Partnerships

Helping employers embrace more diverse workforces.

At Columbia Ability Alliance, we help businesses across all industries find innovative solutions for their staffing needs, while creating more inclusive teams and fostering workplace diversity.

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