Paradise Bottled Water

Paradise Bottled Water is a Columbia Ability Alliance company. When you use our services, you’re helping support programs that enhance the lives of people with unique abilities and other barriers.

Welcome to Paradise…

Paradise Bottled Water, that is! Another proud member of the Columbia Ability Alliance family, Paradise Bottled Water is dedicated to providing high-quality drinking water for businesses and residences in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Explore our range of offerings, including bottled water delivery, water cooler rentals, custom-labeled bottled water, and more!

The Paradise Difference

What sets Paradise Bottled Water apart is our advanced filtration processes. Unlike some of the world’s top bottled water companies where plastic particles are found in 90% of samples, our water filtration methods prioritize purity. We eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses and remove virtually all foreign particles, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, chlorine, and most volatile organic chemicals.

Choose Paradise Bottled Water for unrivaled quality and feel good about supporting a local business that helps empower individuals with unique abilities to achieve personal success.

Paradise Bottled Water Services

Residential Water Service

Experience affordable solutions tailored for your home, ensuring your family enjoys the purest water available. Choose from 3 and 5-gallon vapor distilled or purified bottled water, complemented by hot/cold or cold/room temperature dispensers, bottom load dispensers, bottle stackers, and water hand pumps. The best part? Paradise Bottled Water delivers right to your doorstep! 

Business Water Service

For businesses of all sizes, we provide cost-effective drinking water solutions. Opt for our vapor distilled or reverse osmosis treated water in various configurations to suit your needs. Keep your workplace stocked with our high-quality water in breakrooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, and meeting areas. 

Custom Bottled Water Labels

Elevate your events with our custom labeled water, perfect for employee appreciation gatherings or weddings. Collaborate with us to design a label that reflects your style. At Paradise Bottled Water, we take pride in using biodegradable plastic for our single-use bottled water products. When partnering with other water vendors, we ensure their bottles are crafted from recycled plastic (rPET).  

Paradise Bottled Water

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