Dutch Bros. Joins Hands with Columbia Industries: Sip for a Cause

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In a heartwarming collaboration spotlighted by KEPR News on December 15, 2022, Dutch Bros. Coffee and Columbia Industries have come together for a day of giving. This partnership reflects the shared commitment to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities, as Columbia Industries continues its mission of breaking barriers to employment and fostering social inclusion.

Empowering Through Every Sip:

As outlined by Jedediah Hoyt in the article, on this special day, every sip from Dutch Bros. Coffee contributes to Columbia Industries’ Community Center. For each drink sold, one dollar is generously donated to support the various programs offered by Columbia Industries. From vocational training to social events, the funds raised play a crucial role in enhancing the lives of individuals facing challenges in the Tri-Cities community.

A Day of Giving with Dutch Bros.:

Friday marks a day dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those served by Columbia Industries. Dutch Bros. Coffee, a beloved local establishment, is not just a place for coffee enthusiasts; it is a hub for community support. The partnership exemplifies the power of businesses coming together to create positive change.

Building Community Partnerships:

As Columbia Industries prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary next year, the article highlights the organization’s rich history of building impactful community partnerships. The collaboration with Dutch Bros. is yet another testament to the commitment both organizations share in making a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve.

Michael Novakovich, President and CEO of Columbia Industries, emphasizes the organization’s unique approach as a social enterprise. Not only does Columbia Industries operate as a nonprofit, but it also owns and operates businesses like Round Table Pizzas, Paradise Bottled Water, and CI Shred. This distinctive model allows community members to contribute to the nonprofit’s mission simply by enjoying the products and services offered by these local businesses.

How You Can Contribute:

The article concludes by encouraging readers to visit any Dutch Bros. location in Tri-Cities on the designated day to participate in this meaningful fundraiser. By doing so, individuals become part of a broader community effort to support Columbia Industries’ mission services and contribute to the success of their diverse programs.

As we look forward to more inspiring collaborations in the future, this Dutch Bros. and Columbia Industries partnership serves as a shining example of businesses and nonprofits uniting for a common cause.


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