Leadership & Board of Directors

Meet the Leadership Team, Managers, and Board of Directors of Columbia Ability Alliance.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Managers

Amanda Riedinger
Round Table Pizza General Manager
Amy Robertson
Community Center Programs Manager
Chase Wharton
Philanthropy Officer
David Haldeman
Divisional Programs Manager
Derek Smith
Executive Chef Instructor
Janel Miles
Justin Saltz
Business Division Manager
Laurie Rivera
Marketing & Communications Manager
Miracle Lewis
Shred Division Manager
Sherri Koehler
Round Table Pizza General Manager
Tyler Wiley
Round Table Pizza Area Manager

Meet Our Board of Directors

Eric Martuscelli​

Cascade Natural Gas Corporation

Dana Storms

Vice Chair
Battelle /Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Theresa Buckendorf

Past Board Chair
Apollo Mechanical Contractors (Retired)

Kedrich Jackson

American Tax Consultants

Sandra Gladstone

SIGN Fracture Care (Retired)

Brian Moreno

Board Member
McDonald’s of Othello, Owner; Steward Leaders, Team Principal

Debbie Cox

Board Member

Jay Freeman

Board Member
Edward Jones

Joel Okey

Board Member
Cornerstone Wealth Strategies

Karl Dye

Board Member

Michelle Whitney

Board Member
Superintendent, Pasco School District

Robert Nelson

Board Member

Senator Nikki Torres

Board Member
Washington State Senator, 15th Legislative District

Michael Novakovich
CEO & President of Columbia Ability Alliance

Michael Novakovich serves as the President & CEO of Columbia Ability Alliance, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s vision, developing strategies, and ensuring alignment with the Board of Directors and team members. Inspired by the opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive community, Michael joined Columbia Ability Alliance with a passion for dismantling barriers to employment and social inclusion, particularly for individuals facing disabilities and other challenges. The unique model of Columbia Ability Alliance as a social enterprise presented an exciting leadership challenge that Michael eagerly embraced.

Empowering individuals to achieve personal success lies at the core of Michael’s dedication to Columbia Ability Alliances’ mission. Having experienced the transformative impact of mentorship in his journey, he is committed to paying that forward by investing in the success of others. Michael’s primary responsibilities include inspiring, influencing, and motivating the team to deliver exceptional service to clients, customers, and stakeholders. Together, they strive to realize the organization’s vision of providing enhanced services to meet the evolving needs of the community while ensuring sustainability. Michael’s greatest workplace joy stems from interacting with clients, who consistently inspire him with their resilience and positivity, reaffirming his belief in the organization’s mission to create a more inclusive and vibrant community for all.

Kim Pierret
CFO of Columbia Ability Alliance

Kim Pierret serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Columbia Ability Alliance, where her primary responsibility is to ensure accurate financial reporting. Inspired by the opportunity to be part of something larger than herself, Kim joined Columbia Ability Alliance drawn to its mission of assisting individuals with disabilities and other barriers. What resonates most with her about Columbia Ability Alliance’s mission is the focus on helping individuals facing various barriers, reflecting her personal experience in mentoring young women who have encountered abuse or addiction issues.

As CFO, Kim oversees the accounting department, which handles tasks such as annual budgeting, financial reporting, payroll, state and federal reporting, cash management, billing, and fixed assets. Her long-term goal for Columbia Ability Alliance is to provide financial leadership that enables the organization to expand its reach and serve more individuals in need. Kim finds fulfillment in her role at Columbia Ability Alliance through the meaningful connections she forms with colleagues and the organization’s mission-driven work.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Kim enjoys spending quality time with her family, including her beloved pugs and lab. She is also passionate about mentoring women, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact both within and beyond the workplace.

Kyle Mattox
COO of Columbia Ability Alliance

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Columbia Ability Alliance, Kyle Mattox holds the responsibility of overseeing and driving operational results within all business lines and mission services programs. Additionally, he collaborates closely with the CEO in seeking and developing opportunities for organizational growth and expansion. Kyle’s decision to join Columbia Ability Alliance stemmed from the allure of its diverse portfolio of programs and businesses, coupled with the team’s steadfast dedication to excellence in serving the community.

The aspect of Columbia Ability Alliances’ mission that resonates most with Kyle is its commitment to serving individuals with developmental disabilities, striving to eliminate barriers to employment and community engagement. As a father of two autistic children, Kyle’s personal experience fuels his motivation to contribute to an organization that provides essential support to individuals who can greatly benefit from it.

In his role, Kyle supervises business and mission program managers to ensure operational efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and growth. His long-term goal for Columbia Ability Alliance is to foster growth and innovation, expanding its reach to serve more clients and introducing new and unique services to meet the evolving needs of the community. Kyle finds fulfillment in his role not only through achieving organizational objectives but also through the camaraderie and dedication of his team, making each day at Columbia Ability Alliance both rewarding and purposeful.

Cheri Montee
Director of Human Resources at Columbia Ability Alliance

Cheri Montee serves as the Director of Human Resources at Columbia Ability Alliance, where she offers invaluable support and guidance to the organization’s leadership teams. Inspired by the mission to enhance the Tri-cities community’s quality of life, Cheri joined the organization driven by a profound belief in serving the community. Her role encompasses a diverse array of responsibilities, including talent acquisition, employee relations, workplace culture development, and community engagement. With a vision aimed at long-term sustainability and growth, Cheri is dedicated to implementing robust hiring and retention strategies, alongside fostering a culture of inclusivity and safety. Committed to the principle of putting others first, Cheri finds fulfillment in contributing to a vibrant workplace culture at Columbia Ability Alliance, where every day presents an opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

In her own words, Cheri articulates, “At Columbia Ability Alliance, putting others first isn’t just a mantra—it’s our way of life. I am energized by the vibrant and supportive culture we’ve cultivated here. Every interaction, whether with our clients or colleagues, is infused with a sense of purpose and compassion. It’s truly a joy to be part of a team that is dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. I am driven to ensure we continue to attract the best talent, so we can deliver the highest quality of service to those we support. Together, we’re building a brighter future for everyone.”

Libby Blashill
Director of Advancement at Columbia Ability Alliance

Libby Blashill transitioned to her role as Director of Advancement at Columbia Ability Alliance after initially joining in 2017 as a Marketing Specialist. In her current capacity, she leads strategic initiatives in marketing, public relations, and development, guiding a dedicated team to enhance understanding of Columbia Ability Alliance’s identity, services, and impact while securing crucial philanthropic support. Libby’s passion lies in advancing Columbia Ability Alliance’s mission to serve more individuals with unique abilities in the Tri-Cities community.

Motivated by a desire to contribute to an organization making a meaningful impact, Libby found resonance in Columbia Ability Alliance’s belief in the inherent talents of every individual, regardless of perceived barriers. She is dedicated to empowering individuals through Columbia Ability Alliance’s programs, which foster the embrace of unique abilities and pathways to personal success. As Director of Advancement, Libby oversees marketing, community relations, fundraising, and grant writing efforts, aiming to deepen Columbia Ability Alliance’s connection with the Tri-Cities community. Beyond strategic pursuits, Libby finds profound fulfillment in engaging with Columbia Ability Alliance’s clients, finding joy and inspiration in their remarkable journeys.

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