Empowering Futures: WaFd’s Generous Grant Fuels Success at Opportunity Kitchen

Exciting news! We had the pleasure of hosting our newfound friends from WaFd Bank (previously known as Washington Federal Bank) earlier this week as they dropped by to check out our Community Center. They didn’t just stop by for a casual chat; they presented CI with a generous $2,000 grant to support Opportunity Kitchen! WaFd believes in supporting programs that provide economic stability via employment training, career counseling, disability services, workforce training, and employment stability, which means Opportunity Kitchen checked off a lot of boxes on their list.

Roughly 50 students have graduated from our food service training program since it launched in 2019. Generous grants from partners like WaFd allow us to dish out training programs like Opportunity Kitchen without charging a fee to those facing employment barriers.

WaFd, which has a large footprint in the state and across much of the west coast, is entering the Tri-Cities for the first time with a new Kennewick branch opening in February 2024. We are very excited to welcome them to the community and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future! Thank you, WaFd and the Washington Federal Foundation!

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